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Words Woven with Purpose: Welcome to My Literary Sanctuary

Step into a world of imagination and introspection, where every sentence is a brushstroke painting the canvas of emotions and ideas.

Some of my Amazing Writings



Never had I known what family was.

Had an idea, but never had the real deal.

Thought something, knew something was missing.

Can you feel the heat


Can you feel the heat

From the beat

The beat of my heat

It is strong and resounding

I remember cuddling late at night


I remember cuddling late at night

And I remember, he undressed me once

I remember, lovemaking on the vanity sink

And I remember, we danced together once


I Write; Capture the Audience - Connect the Ideas..

Unlock the power of words for your projects. Whether you need compelling content for your business, engaging articles, or impactful copywriting, I offer custom writing services to bring your ideas to life.

About Me

I Will Help You Win Pitches with Words & Concepts

I am a daughter of God, claimed and covered by the blood of Jesus the Savior, the Christ, our Lamb.  I have known God’s love all of my life and this love is visible.  What is seen, felt, and shared has been fostered by the Father.  Understanding His love for me, for us, has caused the joy that I feel each day.  Yes, even the challenging days.

 I am praising and praying the Path to Him!  I hear Father and move to His will or I sit in awe of His Beauty and Power.  God is healing through His Praise, His Presence, His Love, His Faith, His Word, and His Example!  Hallelujah!  His Peace takes over the pain, the hurt, the need ~ Jesus has fulfilled it ~ all ~ with the Blood.

What My Clients Says

My home and my children are well taken care of and I never come home to a mess. My children not only get play time but actual lessons that are developmentally appropriate so I don't have to worry that they are in front of the TV the entire time. Nichelle cares for my children as if they were her own. She will contact me with texts and pictures throughout her time and keeps me informed of what they children are doing, eating, or if they have fallen, etc. I never have to wonder about their day or how that they got a boo-boo. There is never a time she arrives without a pleasant and joyful demeanor. She is truly excited to be caring for my children and wants to be there. Nichelle not only encourages but also models manners and respect with the children so she is reinforcing what I am already teaching them. She also strives to follow the same routine and care of the home and wants to do tasks the way that I prefer them. My children absolutely adore her and so do my husband and I!
Kerry D.
Nichelle is excellent with children of all ages. She spent much time with our pre-school aged son and he adores her. She is fun, creative and very, very patient!
Genevieve G.
Nichelle is excellent with children of all ages. She spent much time with our pre-school aged son and he adores her. She is fun, creative and very, very patient!
Genevieve G.
When my son went to the school she taught at she always stood out to me!! She was so happy and positive each and every day. She knew all the kid's name and was honestly a sweet blessing to everyone. We miss her!
Ashley O.
Nichelle has years of experience as a trusted child caregiver and teacher. Nichelle is responsible, conscientious, creative, engaging and dependable. I trust her with my child and highly recommend her.
Kimberly B.

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