Nichelle Nicole Green


I am a daughter of God, claimed and covered by the blood of Jesus the Savior, the Christ, our Lamb.  I have known God’s love all of my life and this love is visible.  What is seen, felt, and shared has been fostered by the Father.  Understanding His love for me, for us, has caused the joy that I feel each day.  Yes, even the challenging days.

          I am His earth angel heralding in His Presence!  I am a creature of habit whose spirit is free.  I am praising and praying the Path to Him!  I hear Father and move to His will or I sit in awe of His Beauty and Power.  God is healing through His Praise, His Presence, His Love, His Faith, His Word, and His Example!  Hallelujah!  His Peace takes over the pain, the hurt, the need ~ Jesus has fulfilled it ~ all ~ with the Blood.

As humans, we forget ~ Be reminded

Second in my life and number one human beings are my family.  I’ve been married to my soul mate for 24 years and we have 3 surviving children, ages 24, 23, and 21.  Rick is the ying to my yang, divinely created and placed in front of me as mine.  When we married, I was a single mother, Jerraud Delaney Greene is no longer with us on earth.  He lives an eternal life in heaven now.  Our blessed union created three daughters whom Jerraud was crazy about.  Kiah is the oldest, Nia is the second oldest, and Lea is the youngest ~ We live and play in the Houston area!

          I have a bachelor’s in the arts of Psychology from South University, Georgia and currently working on a master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University, Virginia.  Once I have completed the master’s program, I plan to become certified as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist to guide children with mental disorders in their natural expression to identify their unique coping skills which encourage improved overall health and wellness for the lifespan.

Follow me down the rabbit hole and find wonder~

I have experience and talents in acting, dancing, modeling, runway, and voice-over.  Training began in my early teenage years with Barbizon Modeling School, continued training has been and will be lifelong.  In 2017 while training to compete with AMTC, instruction was received in cold read, redirect, scene read, auditioning, improv both group and individual, on camera, stand up, and monologue as well as runway and photography.  Photography is my niche ~ the comfort level felt and the movement that transpires during photo shoots is a gift from God. I have trained with Winkie Ballas-Jamal, a professional voice coach for the last five years.  Experience has been obtained through performances at the AT&T stadium where I sang the National Anthem, at CrossPoint Church where I opened a program in song, at World Theater where I took parts in two musicals: The King and I & Mary Poppins, and monthly singing engagements currently at Katy Vibes, previously with El Asador, and Invicta’s Cabaret Night.  I was invited to perform an hour set at St. Edith Stein Catholic Church in summer 2022.

My work experience is vast and varied, as I have dabbled in a couple of careers in my lifetime from desktop support to interim special education teacher.  The four years invested as a Music & Movement teacher and a Drama teacher with a Christian preschool were my favorite in all of the  years i worked since the age 15.  I’ve turned 50 and throughout the experiences, I have learned ~ children are my passion as well as my gift.  There is an innate ability to connect, to comprehend and to become childlike to meet the child’s or children’s needs.

Which is my why ~ why I’ve chosen to live God out loud ~ why I choose to follow His lead ~ why I choose this career path. It is the same why we must all choose to invest in our children and all children, Matthew 18:6.

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