What My Clients Says

My home and my children are well taken care of and I never come home to a mess. My children not only get play time but actual lessons that are developmentally appropriate so I don't have to worry that they are in front of the TV the entire time. Nichelle cares for my children as if they were her own. She will contact me with texts and pictures throughout her time and keeps me informed of what they children are doing, eating, or if they have fallen, etc. I never have to wonder about their day or how that they got a boo-boo. There is never a time she arrives without a pleasant and joyful demeanor. She is truly excited to be caring for my children and wants to be there. Nichelle not only encourages but also models manners and respect with the children so she is reinforcing what I am already teaching them. She also strives to follow the same routine and care of the home and wants to do tasks the way that I prefer them. My children absolutely adore her and so do my husband and I!
Kerry D.
Nichelle is excellent with children of all ages. She spent much time with our pre-school aged son and he adores her. She is fun, creative and very, very patient!
Genevieve G.
When my son went to the school she taught at she always stood out to me!! She was so happy and positive each and every day. She knew all the kid's name and was honestly a sweet blessing to everyone. We miss her!
Ashley O.
Nichelle has years of experience as a trusted child caregiver and teacher. Nichelle is responsible, conscientious, creative, engaging and dependable. I trust her with my child and highly recommend her.
Kimberly B.
Nichelle is one of my favorite people, and my son (now 4 years old) adores her! I've known Nichelle for 3 years now, and I never have to worry about my son when he is under her supervision. She is a very talented caregiver and goes above and beyond expectations. One of her gifts is encouraging children's creativity through music, song, art, and dance. But her most impressive attribute is her ability to truly love the children under her care, and I think that makes all the difference!
Emily V.
Loves all children, lots of energy yet full of patience. She has my complete trust. no words can proclaim her awesomeness.
Heather M.
Nichelle was my one of my 3 year old's teachers at Mother's Day Out - and was her favorite teacher! She is very kind, and has a wonderful attitude. Nichelle also babysat for us several times at home; she was always early, and really played with the kids (got down on the floor, read books, played kitchen, even brought over a few fun activities etc). She also encouraged manners in a nice way - bonus points! Nichelle an A+ from us!
Marina S.
She's the most joy filled Godly woman I know. She exudes love for all, most especially children!
Diane A.
Hired Nichelle
Nichelle is full of joy and kindness! She is enthusiastic and energetic. Nichelle cares well for those around her. I am impressed with her ability to find the good in others. She is an outstanding choice as a caregiver!
Amy D.
She is amazing at taking such great care of children. Truly a joy to be around & is amazing at making kiddos feel special & loved. My kids miss her energy, fun crafts and dancing. You're kids are in great hands w/ this special lady.
Kate Z.
Nichelle is the best caregiver ever! She truly loves children and goes above and beyond to engage them in creative play and shower them with love.
Elizabeth B.
Ms. Nichelle is quite literally the most amazing, caring, loving, woman I have ever met! I first met her when she was a teacher at my daughter's school. My daughter instantly fell in love with her, and so did I. Ms. Nichelle's class quickly became her favorite class. She was always greeting the kids with smiles, hugs, and positive messages, comforting them, encouraging them, etc. I went on to have Ms. Nichelle care for my daughter on several weekends. Ms. Nichelle was the only person I trusted to care for my daughter while I lived in Katy. She would sing, dance, do arts/crafts, bible stories, watch movies, play basketball, etc. with her. This amazing woman continuously went out of her way to make me & my daughter feel loved. She even surprised my daughter by dressing up as her favorite Disney princess at her birthday party. All of this to say, we love Ms. Nichelle very, very much! Unfortunately, we moved away, but we miss her SO much & would HIGHLY recommend her to care for your child(ren)!!!!!
Beth B.
Nichelle is AWESOME with children. My children love Me. Nichelle. She has become apart of the family.
Jaz J.
Nichelle is a ball of joy. She has a huge heart that pours out love to everyone she meets. She has a strong gift of encouragement and speaks powerful words into the lives of others. Definitely and inspiration and role model to many.
Erik S.
She's amazing with children and a beautiful person inside and out. My son absolutely adores her, as do I.
Kristie U.
She is a Christian, loving, trustworthy woman. She has taught my children preschool for 3 years and is amazing!!! I know her personally as well and she is a true gift in any child's life.
Katie N.
Nichelle was previously my daughter's music teacher at a Christian preschool and she is AMAZING with kids! She's one of those people you meet and feel like you've known your entire life. Kids at school would run up to her every morning and she would hug them, be silly with them and make them feel so incredibly special. She did that for the parents too! She's just one of those people who makes an impact on you and your child's life without even realizing it. She is, without a doubt, the absolute best you could ask for.
Meghan T.
Nichelle was my daughter's drama teacher and summer camp teacher in the Spring and Summer of 2017. My daughter simply adored Nichelle. From what I witnessed and from my conversations with Nichelle, she has a huge heart and truly loves teaching young minds. Her happiness and love for life is contagious (in a great way). Nichelle puts a smile on everyone's face and makes each child feel as if they are her favorite and they are extra special and loved.
Sam R.
Nichelle is an amazing caregiver and is someone I would recommend any time.
Jenifer M.
Nichelle is an amazing caregiver and is someone I would recommend any time.
Robi B.

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