When I look in the mirror


When I look in the mirror

          I see the intricate designs

          Of the blood pulsing veins

          Mapping out my body

A body that is sheer in color

          That you can see every passage

          Of any vein you choose to follow

          Throughout my soul

Sheer the color ~ because of

          The white blood that courses

          Through the veins of my body

          And show loud and bold

          Through my skin tone

The skin tone yet sheer and

          Drab of that sparkling ebony

          Glare that would blind you

          With caution, is still

          Considered black

Though my softened mahogany may

          Invite evil to attempt to

          Approach my black mind

          My ebony thoughts, my Egyptian

          Soul will hault you dead

          In your tracks

My blackness shines through me

          Like a lighted pathway

          To truth.